DailyLife Immune Booster

Using DailyLife Immune Mushroom booster with 12 mushrooms and CBD will boost your immune system.

For centuries, people have used mushrooms as a health supplement. Mushrooms have many health benefits.


Mesima Mushroom


This potent mushroom has been used medicinally for thousands of years in Chinese, Japanese and Korean healing systems. The Mesima Mushroom contains protein-polysaccharide complexes that have been shown to have immunomodulating properties. Immunomodulation is the adjustment of immune response to a desired level, as in immunopotentiation, immunosuppression, or induction of immunologic tolerance. Mesima is rich in compounds known as Beta D-glucans, compounds that are known as ``biological response modifiers``. They bind to the surface of innate immune cells which allows the cells to have better co-ordination in their attack. This reduces the tendency toward auto-immune reactions and hyper-inflammatory activity when the body is under attack.

Mesima Mushroom contains potent antioxidants that help to prevent and repair DNA damage in the body thus preventing disease. Korean researchers have recently identified hispidin, a resveratrol-like compound found in Mesima that is believed to be the key antioxidant molecule. Furthermore, extracts of this mushroom have been reported to display the ability to suppress the release of histamine in the body, even after the introduction of known allergic stimuli. This makes Mesima a suitable treatment for patients suffering from various skin ailments such as atopic dermatitis or asthma caused by allergies.

How will CBD Help the Immune System?

Our DailyLife Immune Mushroom booster with extracts from 12 powerfull mushrooms also contains CBD oil. CBD has been shown to be incredibly useful for improving the immune system. Research has shown that CBD includes anti-inflammatory properties and can work as an immunosuppressant and immunomodulator. Inflammation is one of the most important processes carried out by your body’s immune system. This helps to isolate areas that are infected and prevent the toxic components from spreading to other parts of your body. CBD includes anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce your immune system’s inflammatory response.


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