Recent Research Has Shown That CBD Has Incredible Medicinal Potential

That can help animals and people alike deal with a broad range of conditions, symptoms and concerns. When CBD enters the body, it’s effects are mitigated by the endocannabinoid system, a physiological system that occurs naturally in all mammals, made up of various receptors and neurological pathways.

While we don’t fully understand the entirety of the endocannabinoid system, new research is showing that it’s involved in managing a great deal of bodily processes, like pain, metabolism, emotions and mood and neurogenesis. When it comes to the use of CBD in horses, you can only use CBD supplements specifically designed for them, as they are large animals and regular supplements would be too minimal to be effective.

What Symptoms in Horses will CBD Help?

Horses are beautiful and complex creatures, and like all creatures, can suffer a variety of health conditions. They live in a constant state of awareness, have fears associated with tripping or falling, of being unable to see behind them. While many horses seem comfortable in pens and stables, most would prefer to run wild which speaks to why there is such a high rate of anxiety among them.

In addition to anxiety, they’re vulnerable to a variety of medical problems like arthritis, chronic laminitis, herd bound issues, muscular soreness, stall rest, trailering fears and more.

Equine Arthritis

Like humans, horses can develop Degenerative Joint Disease (DID) as they get older, causing stiffness, swelling joints and pain. Being naturally active animals, this can cause a great deal of stress and pain for them and make it more difficult for them to live their daily life.

Chronic Laminitis

The American Association of Equine Practitioners reports that chronic laminitis is a lack of blood flow to the laminae structures in the foot of a horse, which can cause inflammation and even separate the bone and the hoof wall in severe cases. There are multiple causes, but laminitis generally relates to aging, digestion problems and severe colic.

Herd Bound Issues

By nature, horses are prey animals that find comfort in their own herds, among other horses. Being social animals, many horses suffer severe anxiety when separated from their herd and it can effect how they eat, sleep and socialize.


Colic, a condition often impacting human babies, is common is horses and can be characterized by severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen. It’s usually caused by intestinal gas or an obstruction in the intestines.

Muscle Soreness

After exercise and exertion, horses can suffer muscular strain and pain which can often be relieved somewhat by rest and physiotherapy. Often forgotten, however, is the pain that can occur in the saddle area and legs following an active ride with a rider or owner.


Stall Rest

According to Equiresearch, horses can suffer from being confined to their pen or stall for too long. This can include symptoms like aggression, anxiety, severe boredom and can even stunt the healing process for horses who are attempting to rest.

Trailering Fear

One of the most common phobias of horses is claustrophobia, as being restricted to a tight space feels instinctively dangerous for animals more accustomed to open spaces. Even if they are transported in trailers with more room, memories of cramped and unstable rides in the past can cause fear. CBD has been shown to treat all of these conditions effectively, among others. CBD-rich extracts have been able to alleviate chronic pain, digestive and appetite issues, anxiety and fears, inflammation, nausea and seizures among others, in a way that remains safe for your horses.